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30 June 1987
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In life, we go by what we are taught. My logic isn't always right. It doesn't always make sense. But I prefer it over another's. Because it is mine.

Age: 24
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Tell me; and I will forget.
Show me; and I will remember.
Include me; and I will understand forever.

- Confucious

On the page of friending, I'm not picky. I'm just not a pushover either. I would like someone who I'm actually going to talk with and not someone who will be silent throughtout the entire duration of my journal's existence. I will delete you if I know there is no one there. I will not delete you if you update your journal and simply don't comment mine. I understand that sometimes you really just don't know what to say. Happens to me a lot as well. Just don't friend me and not even read what I write. Cause, honestly that's just stupid to friend someone's journal that you have no intention of reading. Other then that, I'm all good. Oh and no Posers. It's a personal quirk. I don't like them. Ever.

[ * Arina Tanemura * Otomiya Haine ]

[ * Yuu Watase * Okuda Takiko ]

To make a note - orphan_kitten rocks~! Bow to teh greatness of Chibz.


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