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30 June 1987
hmm good question, New Jersey, United States
Central Park Cafe'
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Camden County Technical Institute - Sicklerville NJ (2002 - 2006)
Camden County College - Blackwood NJ (2006 present)
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alice in wonderland, angel, anime, art, astrology, books, btvs, castle, charlaine harris, cold case, cowboy bebop, csi, csi: ny, drawing, fanfic, fiction, full metal alchemist, fushigi yugi, fushigi yugi: genbu kaiden, gena showalter, ghost hunters, gossip girl, graphic novels, guitars, gundam wing, haven, hellcats, house md, inuyasha, j-pop, janet evanovich, kagome, kagura, karate, kelley armstrong, kikyou, legend of the seeker, life unexpected, lost girl, manga, meg cabot, miroku, music, mythology, nikita, one tree hill, psych, reading, roswell, rumiko takahashi, sango, sarah dessen, sesshoumaru, sherrilyn kenyon, supernatural, the darkest power, the vampire diaries, true blood, white collar, without a trace, writing, yoga

In life, we go by what we are taught. My logic isn't always right. It doesn't always make sense. But I prefer it over another's. Because it is mine.

Age: 24
Graphics Maker
Video Imaging/Web Design Major
Animanga Lover
Mythology Geek


Tell me; and I will forget.
Show me; and I will remember.
Include me; and I will understand forever.

- Confucious

On the page of friending, I'm not picky. I'm just not a pushover either. I would like someone who I'm actually going to talk with and not someone who will be silent throughtout the entire duration of my journal's existence. I will delete you if I know there is no one there. I will not delete you if you update your journal and simply don't comment mine. I understand that sometimes you really just don't know what to say. Happens to me a lot as well. Just don't friend me and not even read what I write. Cause, honestly that's just stupid to friend someone's journal that you have no intention of reading. Other then that, I'm all good. Oh and no Posers. It's a personal quirk. I don't like them. Ever.

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[ * Yuu Watase * Okuda Takiko ]

To make a note - orphan_kitten rocks~! Bow to teh greatness of Chibz.


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